How To Hire A Dog Walker

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Most pet owners do not realize, at the point in time that they become a pet owner, that they may actually need help caring for their pet.  Pets take a lot of time and attention, and frankly there is no way for one person, or even two very busy people, to provide all that their pet needs all of the time.  Considering the fact that almost every parent in the world has to have help with their own children from time to time, whether in the form of a formal babysitter or a friend or relative, it is no surprise that we need help caring for our pets as well.

Dog walking is one of those time consuming tasks that must be done, but that pet owners often struggle with.  It takes time, and pets want attention from their owners during their walk as well.  An owner that is beat from a hard day at work is going to have a difficult time getting out the door for the walk, let alone giving their pet the attention he or she desires and deserves.  Hiring someone to do the dog walking for you, even if only occasionally, is a legitimate, viable option.  How does one hire a dog walker?

Ask Around to Find Somebody Great at Dog Walking

Ask around to friends, co-workers, and neighbors.  They may have someone that they use occasionally.  Search the yellow pages, search online, and do not neglect the local classifieds.  This is something that teenagers often do for extra money, and they may do a great job for much less money than a formal dog walking service.  Use the names you come up with to compile a short list for interviews.


Even if it isn't a formal interview, meet with the person who is going to be walking your dog and get a feel for their personality and what exactly they offer.  Often they will walk a group of dogs at once.  While it isn't so bad for your pooch to get some social time with other K-9s, you do not want them to be just a number either.  The most important thing to look for is reputation and attention given to each dog.  Reputation is best gauged by word of mouth from past clients, so ask for references.  The only way to determine about attention given is to get a feel, from them, as to how they run a dog walking session.  How may dogs to they walk at once?  Where do they go?  Do they stop and play or just walk? 

Remember the Budget

Your pet is priceless to you, but unless you have unlimited financial resources, you are likely going to need to watch the price.  How much is the dog walker going to charge?  Will they charge per walk or per hour? 

Once you have all your questions answered it should be easy to choose the perfect person from you list to trust your dog's daily walk too, even if only now and then. To learn more, click here.

Faith Stewart writes for a variety of business sites, as well as pet sites.