Pets Eye Camera: The Secret Lives Of Cats


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You could sit with your cat all day and it won't do anything interesting, but the moment your back is turned it dances on one leg (maybe not… but just maybe!). Believe it or not, some people have managed to witness some of the crazy things their cats do, and on the rare occasion caught it on camera. 

There is no doubt your cat has done something funny, something out the ordinary – providing some short lived entertainment. Youtube is full of it. Blogs are the perfect place to find some of the interesting stories people have discovered their cats getting up to. Here are some of the best captured moments 

A Sudden Awakening

“I entered a room and saw him in his cat bed, he looked up at me and yawned, did a big long stretch and... fell out of the bed so that it turned upside down covering him. He looked so bemused!” Read more stories to make you laugh here

Stuff On My Cat

We've all been there and put something 'funny' on your cat and took a picture. Whether this is a funky jacket, or just a pair of sunglasses is a website showcasing some of the funny things people have put on their cat for photographs, and pose! This site is bound to give you the giggles and you can't help but sitting and flicking through all the images. 

The Pole Dancer

“In my staircase there are some poles to hold the railing up. One time, my cat grabbed on to the pole with her whole body and slid down in like a pole dancer. Hysterical.” There are lots more funny encounters, have a read through them all here

Obsessed With A Princess

Most of our pets have a favourite object, or toy they like playing with, sometimes however, these objects might not be what we expect. “For about a week our cat would carry around my daughter’s old princess doll and cuddle it whenever she wanted to take a nap.” Find more stories like this here

A Mirror Freak Out

We do it with our babies, and we do it with our pets – holding them up to a mirror never gets tiring when we see their funny reaction. “Well I've only had Salem for about a week now, and I think the funniest thing he does is we have a very big full size mirror on our wall in our bedroom, and he looks in it sees his reflection, looks confused puts his paw to it, and when he touches it he FREAKS OUT and jumps back and hides under out bed, but in seconds he's back out doing the EXACT SAME THING.. I'm telling you I can watch that all day!!!” You can read more funny stories like this one on Daily Kitten. 

Ensuring these memories can be watched over and over, people have been trying out their own ways to catch their cats on camera. 

Capture your cat

Cooper the Photographer Cat has been taking pictures for over 3 years now. Once a week he wears a light weight digital camera which automatically snaps a new photo every 2 minutes. Inspired by this you can do the same; not missing a moment of your cat’s life and all the things it might get up to. 

Try it yourself

There are many other different ways you can try and see what your cat gets up to, and many people have been putting ideas to the test. Some cameras are specifically designed to help capture the best moments of our animals. Innovation in technology has brought us wildlife cameras allowing us to see just exactly what our animals get up to, and most of all, allowing you to keep those moments forever. 

Has your cat been up to anything ridiculous? Share your stories here.

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