What Do You Need To Know When Getting A Dog


Dogs are messy.

Don't forget that dog as animals as well as being Man's best friend. You cannot expect a dog to take into consideration things like messing up your living room, or chewing on your brand new Italian loafers.

A nice trick when getting a young puppy is to scotch-guard your soft furniture and put your precious valuables high enough where the dog will not be able to reach them. During the first 6 months your puppy would not have developed its bathroom habits. Keep it in a room where you can easily manage its waste, but don't keep it there all the time.

Pack Mentality

Dogs usually live in packs. In order for a dog to listen to what you have to say, first it needs to see you as the pack leader. Being a leader suggests that you have control of what is happening around you. If you see your dog acting in a certain manner which you deem to be unacceptable, be sure to correct it right away. Don't use excessive force and do not stay mad at the animal for long. Dogs are very sensitive creatures, and although they do not hold grudges, they can are quite susceptible to sadness, which could in term lead to depression.

Assert yourself as the dominant alpha leader, by making important decisions for the both of you. When you are sitting down to eat always be the one who eats first. In the animals kingdom, it is the pack leader who has first dibs on everything that is on the menu, while the betas sit back and wait their turn. Same goes when you take your dog on a walk. It should be you who is leading the dog, not the other way around. And remember, a dog to you is a friend, but to the dog you are practically its commander in arms. So always be affirming, confident and decisive.

Socializing your dog

If you wish your puppy to grow up being happy and well accepted by other dogs, you must teach it social behaviour at an early age. One of the main reasons dogs turn aggressive is because they have failed to learn proper social iterations with other dogs and people.

The more you doggy goes out into the world the more chances are it wont turn aggressive. Dogs, like most animals, attack because they feel threatened. If you, as a rational, breathing, thinking human being were never introduced to people in your entire life, chances are you won't react very nice to someone petting you on the head. If you introduce the element of the outside world to your dog, it would learn that there are more dogs and people out there, and would not feel the need to feel threatened.

Taking care of a child

Even though we probably don't consider dogs to be children, we must take care of them all the same. Dogs need three things: food, water and attention. And yes, dogs eat every day! So from now on when you are planning to take a trip or a vacation, you must always figure your pet as a part of the equation. You cannot just leave it a full bag of doggy treats and expect the animal to ration them by itself. Plan a head and plan wisely, the responsibly is all yours.

Connie is animal and nature lover. She likes to spend her free time away from the busy life of the big city. She is one of the Camberwell cleaning specialists and because of this she doesn't have that much time for holidays, but enjoys writing about the nature.