Puppy's First Night At Your Home: What To Expect And How To Handle It

Getting a puppy at home will be one of the most exciting moments in your life and in the life of your entire family. This experience will be just as exciting for the dog as it is for you and that is why it will be too tired at first. The problems usually begin during the first night of the puppy at the new place. That is why there are a few things that you should know about the first night of the puppy at your home.

  1. It is best to bring the puppy home when you have more free time in order to pay enough attention to your new friend.
  2. If you bring it in the morning, you will give the puppy more time to adjust to the new environment before going to sleep.
  3. Leave the puppy sniff around the place and get used to its new home.

It is recommended that you take your puppy at least when it is 60 days old, because it needs its mother's milk and warmth in order to be healthy and happy. In addition, the mother's milk is the only thing at this stage that is good enough in order to strengthen your puppy's immune system.

You need to be patient to the puppy in the first few days, and pay some attention to it, because it is more like a child than a pet at first. Remember that it is away from its mother and siblings and this is more stress than you can actually imagine. So, be patient and don't be too rough with the puppy if it starts whining or barking. Also, try sticking to the regime and diet of the breeder, because you don't want to make some sudden and stressful changes in your puppy's everyday life. In addition, try making a few new habits for it in order to prevent it from peeing around the house or chewing your shoes.

What can you expect during the first night of your puppy at home?

When it comes to the first night of your puppy at their new home, there is one main problem that most people face. It is most likely for your puppy to start whining and looking for his/her mother, and this is quite natural.

How should you handle it?

First, and most important, try not to get angry with all the noises and whining – this is something that literally all puppies go through when take to a new place. In addition, this may happen during the first couple of nights so be prepared for the noise.

What should you do in order to make the puppy quiet down? Sit with the pet for a little while and in order to calm it down. Pet him for a while and make sure you show them where their new bed is. Remember that the puppy is probably whining because they are looking for their mother. Of course, your new friend may be also hungry or thirsty, so make sure you have fed it and give them plenty of fresh water. If you have already done that but the puppy is still whining, a great idea that you can use it fill a large plastic bottle with hot water and wrap it in a blanket or a towel. Then place it in the puppy's bed in order to make them feel more comfortable.

Another thing you can do is leave the puppy in your bedroom for the night. This is a good solution of the situation only in case that you haven't set any other rules and have not prepared a special place where your puppy will be supposed to sleep. However, if you have decided to make your pet more independent, do not leave it sleep in your bed no matter how hard it seems to be. Remember that if you make a compromise with the first night, your puppy won't be taught discipline, which will make them whine every night in order to get what they want.

Connie Jameson knows how to take care of dogs. She has two wonderful Labradors. In her professional life she is a manager in EndofTenancyCleanersLondon