Cat Houses: A Feline's Fantasy

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a house designed for cats? There are two very different cat designed homes that have caught the attention of many people. The first home is located in San Diego area and is famous with locals; it is known as the "Cat's House". The second is a home designed for cat people and their cats called "Feline Fantasy". Both homes have amazing creations designed to please cats and their ever-changing moods. 
"Cat's House"
The "Cat's House" is a 1300 square foot home located in San Diego. The home has a maze of different cat friendly climbing features, walking platforms, and crawling spaces. The home was very brightly colored with different features in each room. Some rooms have carpeted platforms that cats perched on while taking catnaps. Other rooms have tunnels built to fit the size of an adult housecat. Each room has different features to appeal to any mood that the cats might have. The owners of the home recently sold the house in one day according to an AOL blog. They had to tone down the colors to a more muted white but that made the sale go through faster. The Associated Press said that they said they intend to build an even bigger feline playhome in Fredericksburg where they are moving. 

Cat House San Diego
"Feline Fantasy"
This Japanese home inspired by cats called "Feline Fantasy" is a classy mix of modern style and kitty design. The home is designed for both the homeowners and the feline friends that live with them. This home has platforms and climbing features in each room. The difference with this home is the way that the pet play pieces were designed into the homes architecture. The play areas seem to be a part of the home instead of a later addition. Tunnels are covered with decorative tiles and patio doors have wired gates on them so that cats can climb to their hearts delight. Pet doors allow the cat's access to all parts of the home. There is even a specially designed litterbox area; the litterbox cleans itself! Cats are sure to love this specially designed home. It is created with cohabitation in mind and offers both humans and pets a great way to live together. 

Japanese Feline Fantasy
Smaller cat homes
There are a much bigger variety of scratching posts and tunneled boxes that are smaller and easier to handle on the market. Kitty condo's as they have been dubbed are fun and decorative, each with a lot of creative, cat thinking in mind. Made from particle board, carpet, and different architectures, each kitty condo has features that make a cat feel at home. Cats love to have their own space and places that make them feel like they are the king of the mountain. Kitty condos offer quiet spaces to curl up and take a nap, high perches to spy on people from, and carpeted exteriors to scratch away at. The "Cat's House" and "Feline Fantasy" offer this on a much bigger scale. 

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