Lonely? Get A Four-Legged Companion

One of the worst feelings in the world is loneliness. It’s an empty, alone feeling that can lead to severe depression. No one wants to be lonely. In fact, they say that the worst thing that can be done to a person psychologically is to put them in solitary confinement. Interaction with other humans is essential to our sanity and our health.

There aren’t always other humans around, however, and while you probably don’t live in solitary confinement, you might spend a lot of your time at home by yourself. If you don’t live with anyone else, it can get pretty lonely. There are several ways you can try to combat your loneliness, such as by making plans with friends. A more long-term solution is to get your very own four-legged companion. A dog or cat can make a wonderful pet and cure your loneliness.

Adopting a Companion

If you want to get a pet, the best place to go is to an animal shelter. Adopting an animal, rather than buying one from a breeder or pet store, is the most compassionate thing you can do. The best part is that most of the animals in a shelter feel very lonely, too, and they may have been feeling that way for a very long time. When you adopt a shelter animal, you’re curing not only your own loneliness, but theirs as well, which is something to be proud of.

Living with a Friend

After you’ve adopted a four-legged companion, you’ll have to get used to living together. The best part is that you’ll never have to be alone at home, but a pet isn’t as big of a hassle as a roommate. With a pet, you don’t need to share the bathroom or deal with unwanted chatter. You can have the best of both worlds - peace and agreeableness along with companionship. It will be an adjustment, but it will make a big difference in the long run.

Doing Activities Together

With a pet, you’ll also have the opportunity to do lots of things with them, including physical activities like going for walks or playing fetch. Your pet can even accompany you in the car while you run errands or go other places, meaning you don’t even have to be alone while you’re driving. Loneliness often comes with another awful feeling - boredom - and a pet will certainly cure a boredom problem with ease. Pets love to play, and you’ll keep each other entertained.

There are so many benefits to living with a pet. Not only will you be less lonely, you’ll also be happier and healthier, literally. Studies have shown that pet owners live happier, longer lives, which is why pets are especially good for elderly people who live alone or people who are sick. You don’t have to be lonely anymore - go adopt your four-legged companion today. You’ll be very glad that you did, and so will your new companion.

Katherine Walters is an animal assisted therapist who often discusses the ways in which animals can help people with loneliness.

Caring For Your Pitbull Puppy


If you have made the decision to expand your family with the addition of a new American pitbull puppy you may be curious as to what is needed to properly care for the animal. If you are a new pet parent, and are not experienced with training dogs from a young age, a new puppy can be a little intimidating, but fear not! Here are the best ways to care for your new puppy.

The Truth About Pitbulls

Pitbulls are the most commonly misunderstood and misrepresented breeds out there. They have a reputation of being violent and dangerous, but dog expert Cesar Milan explains that pitbulls are actually people-friendly animals. Cesar explains on his website that training a a dog like this requires a lot of responsibility and kindness, as these dogs are very dependant on their owners and respond better to positive reinforcement rather than scolding.

You May Still Want to Tell People the Breed—Maybe

When you decide to add a pitbull to your family, you will want to consider telling your friends and family that it is a pitbull you are acquiring says WikiHow. This is not to warn them as to the fact that you have a pitbull, but rather to educate them and dispel and myths they may have bought into about the breed. As previously mentioned, pitbulls are by nature people-friendly dogs and that they can freely interact with your dog. WikiHow cautions that you may want to think about whether or not it is in the best interest of you and your dog to inform your neighbors of your dog’s breed before they have gotten the opportunity to see first-hand what a loving animal it is.

Get the Heart Racing

Pitbulls need plenty of exercise to stay healthy, and this is something you need to get in the habit of when they are young. You should have your puppy out to run around once or twice daily for them to stay in the best shape. Some owners even train their pitbulls to run on treadmills for when the weather is bad, according to WikiHow.

Keep Them Entertained

If left to their own devices, pitbulls can become bored and will take it out on your furniture, or whatever they can get their teeth on. You want to be sure your pitbull has toys to keep them entertained, especially if you are not going to be home or able to pay attention to them. If you are leaving the house, enclose your pitbull in an area where there are not things they can ruin if they chew or scratch at them. Also, make sure you have plenty of chew toys for them to pay attention too, these will also come in handy for any car rides.

Whether you are getting one or several American pitbull puppies, any addition to the family is great for a pet parent. With some patience and plenty of love and attention your pitbull will thrive in your home and provide the companionship you and your family were looking for in a dog. 

Tony is an animal trainer and pit bull advocate and likes to share information with readers regarding this amazing dog