Adorable Or Ugly? Five Animals With Tons Of Wrinkles

     When viewing animals, one of the characteristics that sets many breeds apart is the folds of loose skin and wrinkles that cover their faces and bodies. Although wrinkles on humans are generally viewed as something to be avoided, many people find that wrinkly animals are actually quite cute. Here, are five of the wrinkliest animals found throughout the world that will challenge anyone to decide if they are cute or ugly.

    Shar Pei Puppies

    Although the adults of this breed still have an array of wrinkles scattered about their face and body, it on the puppies where they wrinkles are most pronounced. This breed was originally used as farm dogs in early China; however, their wrinkles and charm have made them a coveted pet throughout the world. Today, breeders try to achieve the perfect balance of loose skin and wrinkles in each puppy while still maintaining the health of the dog.

    Merino Sheep

    When many people think of sheep, they often envision fluffy wool. Merino sheep are known for carrying extra wool due to the folds of skin that give them their distinctive wrinkled appearance. Although these sheep are primarily used for their wool, they are frequently found in petting zoos and other viewing areas where visitors can decide for themselves if the wrinkles add or detract from these sheep’s cuteness.

    Naked Mole Rat

    The attractiveness of a naked mole rat is definitely in the eyes of the viewer. While some people find the strangeness of this animal’s appearance interesting, others find it downright disturbing. Naked mole rats get their name due to the lack of hair that exists on their pinkish, wrinkled skin. They also have large protruding teeth, squinty eyes and claws made for burrowing beneath the ground.

    Sphynx Cats

    Similar to Shar Pei puppies, the Sphynx cat is a favorite pet among people who treasure the warmth of this cat’s skin. Due to the lack of fur, Sphynx cats have wrinkled skin that may range in colors and even include spots and shading. Although they differ from other breeds of cats due to their wrinkled skin, they are very similar in temperament and appearance to the general cat population. However, pet owners must always take precautions to protect their Sphynx’s wrinkled skin from sunburn and may need to add a sweater to keep them warm during the winter.


    Animal enthusiasts generally agree that few things can be cuter than a baby elephant. Among the many notable characteristics of elephants are the roadmaps of wrinkles that cover their skin. While most people know that an elephant’s wrinkles are distinctively unique to the individual elephant, many people are unaware of the important role that elephant wrinkles play in helping them to regulate their body temperatures. When an elephant takes a mud bath or dips in the water, their skin can hold extra amounts of water in the wrinkle folds. This helps them to stay cool for longer periods of time.

    On many animals, wrinkles serve an important purpose, whether it is to protect them from other animals or it is to keep them comfortable. Wrinkles are also highly sought after in certain breeds that are selected to be bred for pets. While beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, one has to say that wrinkles can range from cute to ugly depending upon the animal and their other attributes.

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