• 2.7 million animals are euthanize annually.
  • There are 164 million dogs and cats in the USA,  1 in 20 will end up in a shelter by the end of the year

  • Every 8 seconds, a cat /dog is sent to a shelter

  • There are  8 million abandoned, stray and unwanted pets living in shelters in the USA

  • 50% of dogs sent to an animal shelter are euthanized

  • 15-20% of dogs in a shelter are returned to owners

  • 25% of shelter dogs are purebred

  • 20-30% of cats /dogs are adopted from shelters or rescues
  • 35% of dogs are purchased from breeders and pet stores
  •  10% of pets brought to shelters have been spayed / neutered
  • Average cost to own a dog is between $600-$900 annually

  •  #1 reason dogs are relinquished to shelters is moving. The #2 reason is landlord issues

  • Pets in animal shelters have been found more likely to be intact, younger, and mixed bred 

  • People relinquishing animals are more likely to be men and younger than 35 years old