Preparing to Adopt

The following factors are to be considered during the adoption process:   

Landlord Approval

If you lease your home, check with your landlord before adopting to be sure you are allowed to
have this pet and can afford all required pet deposits.

Other Household Members

Other members of your household should be aware you want to add a pet and should meet the
pet before you decide to adopt. Also consider:
• Does anyone have allergies?
• Are you expecting other members of the household to share in the care of the pet?


Other Pets

Shelby Shelter recommends you do not immediately expose your existing pets to a new pet. Consider how you will manage an isolation period and be sure all existing pets are up to date on vaccinations and other routine health care before bringing a new pet home.


These costs include:
• Adoption fees
• Food
• Grooming
• Obedience training
• Pet supplies
• Additional veterinary care

Time Commitment

All dogs and cats making the transition to a new home will need time to adjust to a new family and may require house-training and behavior training to correct problem behavior. If you aren’t prepared to invest your time to teach your new pet appropriate behavior and help the animal, you should not foster/adopt.